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Mobile phones!!!

Mobile phones and online storefronts are changing the way retailers
sell products.  According to a recent report from Oracle, mobile
shopping activity – such as researching products and services and
comparing competitors’ prices and payment options while in-store – is
growing “exponentially.”  As of April 2011, roughly 48% of US shoppers
said they had used their mobile devices or cellphones to browse and
research products while in the aisle, up from 37% in July of 2010.
  That growth, according to RSR Research, comes amid continuing
uncertainty about economic conditions that encourages consumers to
seek out price comparisons, coupons and the like.  This “mobile
device-enabled price transparency” is posing serious challenges for
brick-and-mortar retailers.  In a recent benchmark report, RSR calls
this scenario a “Rubicon,” a point of no return, that retailers must
cross in order to remain relevant in the 21st Century.

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